Don’t Be a Litter Bug – Anti-Littering Information

Don’t be a litter bug! Help us keep Orange City beautiful by reporting litter/trash you see, disposing of your waste properly, and/or volunteering to clean up around the community.

Report Littering:
Smartphone: Download our app Orange City Connect.  Open the app and select “Report an Issue” then select “Code Enforcement” and you will see littering as an option.

Online: You can also submit issues online here. Select “Code Enforcement Violation” and change the issue sub type to “littering”.

Phone:  Call 386-775-5408 and report littering/trash. If you see illegal dumping in progress, please call 386-775-9999 option 1.

Proper Solid Waste Disposal

Orange City Service Days:
Monday Garbage and Yard Waste
Tuesday Recycling
Items should be placed at the curbside by 6:00 a.m. the day of scheduled collection service.

Customer Service: GFL 800-535-9533 or Orange City 386-775-5447

White Good (Appliances)/Bulk Items: Residents can call and schedule a collection for household appliances/bulk goods.  These items are limited to four (4) cubic yards per week and must be able to be lifted by two people.  Items exceeding these requirements can be hauled for a fee to be paid by the customer directly to the hauler.

Proper Yard Waste Disposal: Residents are required to tie, bag, or bundle yard waste.  Yard waste can be placed at the cub in a plastic or paper bag or in a home-owner provide container.

Branches and limbs should be no longer than four (4) feet in length and six (6) inches in diameter, must be less than 50 pounds and tied in bundles or contained.  Palm fronds can be stacked uniformly.

Items not considered yard waste: wood fencing, landscape timbers, flower pots, yard decorations, mulch and dirt.

Recycling: There are many ways to recycle right.  One way to do it is to make sure you are recycling the right items.

Items you CAN recycle in your 64 gallon recycling cart (all must be clean and dry):
Never bag your recyclables – place them directly in the 64 gallon recycling cart.

  • Aluminum, steel and tin cans
  • Plastic bottles and jugs (with or without caps)
  • Paper, cardboard and newspaper

Items you CANNOT recycle:

  • Anything not on the list above including:
  • Glass (Glass can be dropped off at a Volusia County recycling sites)
  • Plastic bags, plastic toys, plastic utensils
  • Items contaminated with food
  • Styrofoam
  • Batteries
  • Light bulbs
  • discarded electric cords or appliances
  • discarded clothing

Volunteer Opportunities and Ways to Get Involved:

Adopt a Road – Adopt a section of the road in Orange City and clean it up on a regular basis.  Learn more here.

Adopt a Park – Adopt a park in Orange City and clean it up on a regular basis. Learn more here.

Keep Orange City Beautiful – The City of Orange City partners with the DeLand Area Chamber of Commerce & Orange City Alliance to organize Keep Orange City Beautiful, a community clean up event. Teams of families, businesses, churches, groups, agencies or friends will gather to compete in an eco-friendly community-wide clean-up of selected areas within the city for awards, bragging rights and, of course, making a key environmental difference within our region. This event is held every April.

Organize a Community Cleanup – If you’d like to organize a cleanup of a park/road or other area in the city, please contact Parks and Recreation Superintendent Ashley Gay and she can assist.  She can be reached at 386-775-5454 or

Ongoing Community Initiatives – The city has several community groups that that perform clean ups around the city on an ongoing basis.  If you’d like information on how to join an existing group, please call 386-775-5410.

Other Volunteer opportunities – The Parks Department has ongoing volunteer opportunities.  Whether you need community service hours for high school or want to help the community, there is a project for you. You must be at least 16 years old to volunteer, or be accompanied by an adult. You can view the volunteer opportunities here.

Volusia County Anti-Littering Initiatives

Read more about Volusia County’s anti-littering initiatives here.

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