Planning Division and Maps

The Planning division oversees the City’s short- and long-term land use and zoning for both residential and commercial development.

Planning Overview
Department staff applies the City’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan and the Land Development Code (LDC) to ensure that growth in Orange City meets the goals and objectives established by the City Council. Orange City has strict standards for development. The standards include everything from a building’s roof style to landscaping requirements. Orange City enforces these standards to guarantee that this community remains an attractive, high-quality place to live.

The Planning Commission serves as the local planning agency for the City of Orange City. The Commission, which is appointed by the City Council, conducts public hearings, makes decisions on certain development requests and makes recommendations to the City Council on more complex issues.

In order to encourage voluntary annexations with a goal of squaring up the City’s boundaries, the City Council implemented a moratorium on the fees for annexing property into Orange City. The normal fees associated with an annexation are approximately $1,000.

“Squaring up” City boundaries will aid in the provision of emergency services. As properties are annexed, City limit lines change or, “square up”, which makes it much easier to provide police and fire protection services.

The Orange City Council has directed that staff continue to contact owners of properties in the abutting unincorporated areas to invite them to annex into the City.

As a result, most property owners in the vicinity of the corporate City limits have been sent a letter of invitation to annex into Orange City. City staff has provided property owners with a personalized analysis of their property, comparing the current tax bill issued by Volusia County to a billing were the property to become part of Orange City.

Please feel free to contact the department staff if you have any questions.

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