Youth Advisory Council

Download: Application for Membership (PDF)

The Orange City Youth Advisory Council was formed by Resolution on February 12, 2019. The Youth
Advisory Council is comprised of 7 high school students who must be in the 10th or 11th grade at the
time of their appointment. Four of the members must be City residents and must attend University High
School, a local private high school, an online school or be home schooled. Three members may reside
outside of the Orange City corporate limits, but must be enrolled at University High School.

Youth Advisory members are appointed by the City Council. Each member shall serve a term of two
years, unless grade 12 is completed during the term, at which time the position shall be declared vacant.
Of the seven initial members appointed to the first Youth Advisory Council, four shall serve for a term of
two years and three shall serve for a term of one year. The terms of the Youth Advisory Council
members expire, and appointments are made in April of each year.

The goal of the Youth Council is to engage, evaluate, and review problems facing Orange City’s youth
and to make recommendations to the City Council on matters that affect this demographic. The Youth
Council will pick projects and initiatives to work on that align with the City’s Mission and Vision,
involving youth in the policy‐making process.

The Youth Advisory Council meetings are typically held on the second Wednesday of each month
beginning at 4:00 p.m. Unless otherwise noted, meetings will take place in the City Council chambers
located at 201 North Holly Avenue, Orange City, FL 32763. For more information, please contact the City
Clerk at (386) 775‐5403.

Youth Advisory Council Members

Madison SiegelNovember 10, 2021 - April, 2022
Derek RosaNovember 10, 2021 - April, 2022
Emma LouridoNovember 10, 2021 - April, 2022
Gage YoungNovember 10, 2021 - April, 2022
Jaina CastilloNovember 10, 2021 - April, 2023
Leanne SmithNovember 10, 2021 - April, 2023
Ava SawickiNovember 10, 2021 - April, 2023

Meeting Agendas and Minutes

2021 AgendasMinutes
April 14th 2021
2020 AgendasMinutes
August 12th 2020
March 11th 2020
February 12th 2020
January 8th 2020
2019 AgendasMinutes
December 11th 2019
December 11th 2019
November 13th 2019
November 13th 2019
October 16th 2019
October 16th 2019
September 18th 2019
September 18th 2019
August 6th 2019August 6th 2019
July 2nd 2019July 2nd 2019

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